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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I see where you're trying to get to. But your question isn't complete. You need a bit more at the end:

Will stringing a 63 RDC stiffness frame with full poly at 53 pounds allow the frame to play like a 70 RDC frame strung with X at Y pounds?

But even then I don't think there is an answer for you. I'm not even sure whether the frame stiffness or the stringbed stiffness is a bigger factor in the "total" stiffness of the racquet/string system.

But here's a question for you that might lead somewhere: What quality of the 70RDC frame are you trying to reproduce in the 63RDC frame?
Nice post corners, as usual. I have a related question if the OP doesn't mind: If you string at very low tensions (e.g. poly in high 30s), would that to some extent mask the flex of the racket, i.e. would it make a stiffer and a flexier frame feel more similar than strung at high tensions?
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