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Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
...For the backhand slice, I agree about the positioning. I usually step to the side because I find it gives me more sidespin, but it does lose power sometimes.
I think stepping away doesn't add anything much to the stroke... It looks like you slightly miss-judge where the ball is coming and then end up crowded and therefore also a little front on as you start the stroke.

See this very good video of Federer just hitting slice backhands. There are some good tips to be seen there - especially how he has his weight on his front foot basically every time when he makes contact. Also that he gives himself room. Since he judges the distance to his body so well he gets that cross-cut action on it. He's assertive/forceful on his whereas you're almost backing away from them which will undoubtedly make them more floaty and have bite less when they bounce.

It's interesting but slice backhands are so poor on average compared to forehands and topspin backhands. Perhaps it's because so few people recognise the huge value of having a great slice compared to the floaty slices the majority of players have.

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