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Originally Posted by tennytive View Post
I don't think I'm understanding your question.
If the mains tie off at the head, there is no ATW, just start the crosses top down from your long side last main and finish and tie off at the bottom.
What am I missing?
Surely the OP is talking about a racket where the mains end at the throat. But your question addresses another question the OP addresses. String the top cross with the short side?

Contrary to popular belief, Head does not care if you string their rackets one piece or two piece. I strung a Head racket where the knots in the throat had to be tied in a concave area. I called head and asked if I could string the racket ATW. They said their warranty was for manufacturer defects and workmanship. Stringing a racket with one piece of string does not void their warranty.

The reason Head wants their racket strung with two pieces of string is to avoid short sections of the frame supporting a turn. If you use the short side to string the top cross you will have a short section of frame supporting a turn. Then comes the long side, if you want to run the cross from the top down with the long side you need to start on a cross farther down the racket to prevent a short section of frame. BUT you also need to take into play what will be done with the short side. If there are two grommet holes skipped at the top I use the short side to string the bottom cross the outside main on the long side and the top cross first then the second cross.
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