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Originally Posted by saltair View Post
I will be 40 this year as well and picked up two 18x20's last March. Unbelievably comfy but coming from the prestige mid it took a good bit of getting used to.

And I honestly just thought that there would be some sacrifices that would be made in the name of comfort. For 8 months I felt that it was lacking in one way or another.

However in the last six weeks or so the Exo has really clicked for me. Playing some great tennis with them now and not at all wishing for the racket to be other than it is. I have no idea why it took so long for it to click for me, but glad I waited it out.
I think eventually this racket will totally click for me. The frame has such a different feeling to it than anything else I've hit with.

Originally Posted by tata View Post
I made a switch to the diablo mid but came back to the exo tour 18x20. The diablo was just giving me wrist issues on and off. This time I've leaded it up the exo and will pray that i don't need to go to the extremes of a racquet change.
I recently got a minor wrist issue with the Exo Tour. It was just a one time thing on a forehand. Bad form on my part for 1 shot and I'm still paying for it weeks later.
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