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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Apples and oranges. A kid should be able to serve overhand before playing tournaments in my opinion.

I play the odds, of course kids continually have things to work on. But in my experience once they win a trophy with a low take back, pancake serve and bunting the ball, that can be hard to break.

Azarenka is a hard correlation to make to this thread about an 8 year old who has to serve underhand to get serves in. At 13 she had the fundamentals...she split stepped, moved her feet, had a nice racquet take back, nice rotation...everything was mostly fundamentally correct. Not everything, she still had things to work on of course.

Again, apples and oranges. Kids who lack many fundamentals, start competing and never change those issues.....vs a kid who has the fundamentals and now must get the experience of competing while also improving aspects of their games.
I have a feeling if someone would have posted the video of a 13-year-old Azarenka as their kid and asked for opinions, you would have declared that she would never have a pro career and her game was terrible. Her legs were too skinny. Her serve was awful and she shouldn't compete until she fixes it. She'd be lucky to get a D2 scholarship and girl juniors suck, etc.
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