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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Damn, I just checked Downs' record this past weekend: 9 - 0! And this includes an impressive 'bagel' set vs. Vinnie.

I'm just glad he's on the other side of the draw at Tri-Level next weekend. Our 4.0s are good, but I don't think any of them could take Vinnie, regardless of who his partner is.
haha...thanks! V also had 9 matches that weekend, so I'm sure he was running on fumes too -- he eventually started turning it on, and it was actually a really fun match after the first set...that guy has great hands at net!

tri-level should be fun! i really have no clue about our 3.5s...and i know moco has solid players all around (since i was on that team too) -- i heard the facility down in va beach is pretty nice...i'm just excited to not play 9 matches in 3 days! haha...

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