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Protour...I am not a gun nut or an anti gun nut. Grew up in a family where there was one hand gun for self defense and a hunting rifle or 2 that was used for pheasant or deer hunting. All the kids were taught to respect how lethal they could be, the guns secured from the kids too little to get it.

To me it was just a common sense approach. The hand gun had its purpose, the hunting rifle also was a tool with a purpose.

But I can not relate to 100 bullet drums, assault rifles in the house, being able to go to a gun show and bypass some of the checks, etc. That does not seem like the same common sense approach to guns and their place in one's life that I was taught growing up.

As far as folks that say every law abiding person should carry a gun to make us safer, I do not buy that. Where would you have it at the beach? At the pool? While coaching a kid and showing them a sport? When the gun man all wear body armor, then what? When the gun men have the element of surprise like they always do and an assault rifle, then what? When trained law enforcement people many times do not take the shot because of all the chaos and bystanders, how are we going to expect average people to start firing at guys with assault rifles in a crowd?

Going to use those assault rifles to save you from the big bad government? Iraq had tanks, an army, an air force....they were rendered ineffective in a short time. If the government really wanted to get you, they would, and 100 assault rifles won't help. I do not see the point in living a life that paranoid anyway.

To me the issue is not the guns but the place of guns. A hand gun in the house and some hunting rifles....I get it, a common sense and moderate place for guns in ones life. But beyond that, I do not get it.

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