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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
I doubt that this technology was available in 1963 and 1964.
Those early 1960's matches, as I thought we agreed, fail to qualify, as they were unrecorded as to place, date, score.
If all we have are vague, off-hand references (like "he won all thirteen of those matches" or "he beat me in 14 straight matches") without any documentation beyond this, they should not be included as official matches for any tally. They probably refer to unrecorded exhibition matches.
For all recorded matches, even if we give the benefit of the doubt as to surface to Rosewall, Hoad has an edge.
It comes out either 15 to 14 (including Cannes), or 15 to 12 (excluding Cannes). As I say, if there were more, we need to know where and when.

In 1959 a claycourt was laid over the Vienna Townhall indoor surface and it worked: Rosewall beat both Hoad and Trabert....
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