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Originally Posted by AYone View Post
Does anyone string their PS Ltds at 50 or lower tension? If so, what strings and what's your observations in the playage with that setup? Sorry if already stated here, too much backreading.

I've tried with RPM 16 at 58 and it played well for a few sets then went dead and everything sailed. I've also tried with NRG 18 at 58-59, which played pretty well. I'm eager to go pretty low with a thin multi and try to increase dwell time, but worried about control and sailing factor. Please let me know your views. Thank you.
You're stringing waaaaaay too tight, especially with something like RPM. I've screwed around with a lot of set ups in the PSL over the past few years, and usually with poly I'm stringing high 40's. It still provides the crispness that I want from a poly, but doesn't feel totally dead outside the sweet spot.

With a nice multi like NRG, I can totally see that you like higher tensions however. I'd definitely drop down to around 52-54 and see if you like that though. It would for sure increase the dwell time. The issue with using thin gauge string however, is the sailing issue I find prevalent with 18g string. Hence why I try to stick to 17g in a 18x20's.

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