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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Protour...I am not a gun nut or an anti gun nut. Grew up in a family where there was one hand gun for self defense and a hunting rifle or 2 that was used for pheasant or deer hunting. All the kids were taught to respect how lethal they could be, the guns secured from the kids too little to get it.


To me it was just a common sense approach. The hand gun had its purpose, the hunting rifle also was a tool with a purpose.


But I can not relate to 100 bullet drums, assault rifles in the house, being able to go to a gun show and bypass some of the checks, etc. That does not seem like the same common sense approach to guns and their place in one's life that I was taught growing up.

gray area, agree somewhat, I agree that the gun show loophole should be checked, I assume you do not agree to 30 rounds magazines, we had a ban on all magazine above 10 rounds from 1994 to 2004, and nothing happened, we still had columbine, do you want to go back to the 10 round max ban ? bad guys are still going to get their hands on them in the black market.

Going to use those assault rifles to save you from the big bad government? Iraq had tanks, an army, an air force....they were rendered ineffective in a short time. If the government really wanted to get you, they would, and 100 assault rifles won't help. I do not see the point in living a life that paranoid anyway.

again I agree somewhat but it is gray, we did lose vietnam, we did lose iraq somewhat, army was mainly shia who were against saddam and sided with the coalition which is why they are in power, no government can win in a guerilla war,

To me the issue is not the guns but the place of guns. A hand gun in the house and some hunting rifles....I get it, a common sense and moderate place for guns in ones life. But beyond that, I do not get it.
I agree with some and disagree with some, read above,

some handguns are semi automatic, do you agree with those? some have 15 rounds? wanna drop them to 10? so when they want to ban semi automatic weapons, that includes semi automatic handguns? or are you talking about 5-6 shot revolvers, see the devil is in the detail, you give an inch they take a mile. The hunting rifles you speak of some are semi automatic shotgun, that have 5-6 shells, wanna ban those? or only the ones that look black or military color. Black or military color accessories do not kill more people

what about folks who compete in shooting, they go to the olympics, it is a sport, how can they carry their guns to and from the place where they practice?

what about collectors for investment purposes? they have hundreds

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