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Originally Posted by albatros_forehand View Post
Not a myth. You can't accelerate from up to down with 1hbh on a high ball the way you can with your left hand playing 2hbh. Which results in flat fast stroke. With 1 hbh the movement is only upwards so u can only be defensive..
Not true. You can vary the path of your swing even with high balls to put more drive on the shot. Sure, you can't be quite as offensive.. but if you watched the video, kohly was hitting plenty of topspin on his responses.

And let's be frank here; the pros don't get troubled too much by anyone not named Nadal. Verdasco can't give people fits with his forehand, for instance. it's only those topspin shots that kick 6, 7 feet up that cause real trouble, and not many can consistently do that at pace.

Btw, Kohly's game is so awesome to watch.
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