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I have a 1hbh and I actually think there is a lot of truth to it myself. I think you see exceptions where the people with one handers master taking it on the rise, but once it does get up say shoulder height. I think the one hander is weaker if we are talking about high balls and not just top spin. I still wouldn't be caught hitting a two hander. I'll take my risks with the ball getting too high versus giving up my reach with the one hander. I honestly think that's what's given Fed so many problems with Nadal. The times where he has had more success he was indoors where he didn't have to deal with any wind or elements and could time it and take it off the ground. When he's on clay it's to many elements to deal with(clay bouncing different ways...wind..etc). I think that is what gives Nadal an advantage and the fact that he plays left handed. So Fed is going to hit more backhands than he would normally have to and the ball is not coming off the ground the same way each time. So it's harder for him it seems. So again, I don't think it's a myth. I wish it were.

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Just to clarify, we're only talking backhand topspin in this thread, ok, not slice.

Is it a myth that the 1hbh is more vulnerable to very high topspin shots than the 2hbh? Here is a video of Kohlschreiber and Tsonga (they are kind of messing around, but the points still stand) hitting some extreme height topspin shots to each other from 22 seconds in;

I don't think Kohlschreiber would have been even able to reach up that high if he had a 2hbh, as the two hands restrict the height of the swing. Also, even if he could reach it, he would only just reach the ball, and there would be no 'room' left in the swing to swing further up on the ball, so the only option is a low percentage flat drive.

As you see in the video, Kohlschreiber is actually flicking and brushing up on even these extremely high balls, and returning them with very heavy topspin, so they would bounce over Tsonga's head unless Tsonga backed up, which he was forced to do.

The myth that 1hbh's are weaker against heavy spin and high bounce is being perpetuated by Nadal's winning record over Federer. However, Nadal has a winning record over just about everyone, not just Federer, and he breaks down 2hbh's just as viciously as Federer's backhand. In fact, Federer actually has a decent amount of wins over Nadal, so it could be argued that Nadal breaks down 2hbh's with more ease than he breaks down 1hbh's.

Djokovic has recently turned the tide with his match-up with his backhand, but his 2hbh is exceptional, and even then, it is a weapon not because of his ability to hit the ball really high, but because of his ability to take the ball early and hit it before it kicks too high.

What do you think - is it a myth that the 1hbh is weaker against high balls?
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