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Yes, I put a dunlop leather grip on mine. You have to stretch it out a bit further b/c the length of the handle is longer. I did this upon purchase and have no idea what it plays like in comparison to stock form. I put a thin over grip on it. The ridges from the leather are nice. Would recommend it.
I just noticed the AG 300 in your signature. How/where do you customize that frame? I hit a customized 300G forever and almost upgraded to the AG 300 several times before going to Volkl/BB sticks. I busted the strings in both of my Londons last year in a league match and had to use a teammates AG 300, and it felt like I had played it forever. Although it was too light stock and a grip size too small, I sensed that it would be a great stick customized.

And not to totally hijack this thread, has anyone tried hitting this F 3.0 Tour with very low string tensions? The silk in my demo felt way too tight to do the racquet justice, imo.
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