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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
The best thing for you as a non string breaker is to eventually put in a good quality gut and play with them until they break. You can try the cheaper guts but they might not be the same quality as VS and thus last less. You might just get the biggest bang for your buck with VS as it is very durable.

Why not put the NXT or Donnay strings in? Maybe go for about 52-53 lbs and see how they play. Over time when they start to behave strangely cut them out.

I used a full multi at 50/48 with the PSLGT. Great control, more power, very arm friendly.
Alright, I will give that a try, if not, I was checking the Strings section and people have said a regular Syn. Gut such as PSGD works well as well. I plan in stringing at or below 50 anyway.
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