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This has to be one of the strangest threads ever, but here goes.

As a car guy and someone who is involved in the racing industry, the modern Camaro wins without even a serious challenge. In fact a new Honda Odessy minivan wins without much of a fight. XKE is one of the best looking designs in history, period! However, 46 years of technology and tire development have completely eclipsed the older cars. In a way the old stuff is more "fun and charming" to drive but will not beat them in competition. Don't forget about the tires. Jaguar was meant to run on bias ply tires and even though the suspension was great in the '60's, the Camaro with 19" radials will dance around the Jag.

Here is a video from Top Gear testing an all original '65 Aston Martin and an XKE with upgraded tires and suspension. The Aston did it in 1:46 and the updated Jag was 1:32:8. The "Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car" go around that track in a '12 Kia C'eed in 1:43ish. Can't trump modern technology.
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