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Originally Posted by Faithfulfather View Post
Here is a link to a Volkl stringer. Not sure if this is the one the OP is referring to, however, it is an e-stringer made by Volkl.

Now that I look more carefully at the said "Volkl", there is no indication that it is actually a Volkl stringer. Who knows.
Not made by Volkl. That is the SP e.Stringer FL.

Originally Posted by View Post
any word on how theses Volkl machines are? and my budget is less than $200. id love to go an extra 100 for a gamma 602 but i just cant do it since its my first machine. so would i be better off getting this or a Klipper/x2/progression 200? the price is including shipping btw. also Diredesire what did you mean by "and it takes quite a bit of tension drop for it to start the repulling process" im new so thats probably why im not sure what you mean thanks
You seem to be fixed on your budget, which is fine, but I urge you to take a step back and look at the big picture. Unless you're very on the fence about the long term benefits, I would consider buying a higher end machine to start. I just see SO MANY "newbies" asking about <$200 machines, get bit by the bug, then drop an easy grand on their next "upgrade."

If I were strictly limited to $200 (and that's fine), I would probably skip these e.Stringers. If you CAN get the fixed clamp for $200, it's an OK machine, but the fixed clamps are cone lock and may require some constant maintenance to hold well. Flying clamps are pretty comparable to these cheap clamps. I'm not sure if they ended up changing the design since I bought my FL, but I had to torque the clamps down pretty hard, and the surface of the bottom of the clamps weren't as well machined as they should be, so they didn't mate well, and rotated when tension was released.

Edit: TL;DR - I'd wait for a LF/SW floating clamp machine (MS200, ML100) used, or get something like an X-2 to start with if you're fixed on the $200 number... I'd up my budget to the 602FC at least if I were starting. You get way more machine for your money, and if you're a constant string breaker, it'll pay for itself within 2 years max.
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