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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I bought and tried the 200G for several months. Overall I liked it. I did not love it. For me the Pro 1 97 is a more powerful racquet. Not saying the 200G is low powered. But the Pro 1 is a cannon while the 200G is a high powered rifle. The 200G did offer slightly more control. The feel, cosmetics and specs of the 200G are all good. I have not tried the 200 lite. I did have a Prestige S for quite some time and tried to make that one work but the gut/poly set up did not work well at all. then i tried it with full multi, then gave up. A teaching pro I know who uses a OHBH is lethal with a Rebel 95. There are a couple Yonex offerings that may fit the bill 95D, 98D, XI 98. A lot of the playtesters loved the Slazenger Pro Braided...... Jack you've pretty much tried all these racquets and decided against most. You didn't like the Pro 1 before because it felt sluggish. why would that change?
I didn't really give myself enough time to get used to the Pro 1. I remember it feeling SLIGHTLY sluggish, but maybe I had one on the upper end of the spec scale? I do remember playing well with it though and it served great for me. The 200G may be perfect if it's slightly easier to swing than the Pro 1. It's also slightly more headlite, which is good.

I also just cannot make the Prestige S work for me. The weight and balance feel PERFECT in my hands, but just don't translate well to the court. Not sure why. But that is a racquet that I would love to make work. Maybe it just needs more adjustment time?

The Yonex 98's are all too stiff...the only one I am considering is the 95d, but that may be too heavy (12 oz)?

I thought about the Prince Rebel 98 and adding weight to the handle to make it more headlite. It IS comfortable and the headsize looks more like a 95 to me. I just don't know if I want to deal with those damn O-Ports. If I went that route, I would probably get the regular hole inserts.

I think I am down to these choices:
Dunlop 200G
VCore 95d
Pro One 97

I haven't given up yet on the Juice 100 or possibly the Steam 99s. I might try my Juice with a softer string setup and add some more weight to make it heavier and more headlite.
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