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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Not sure what you want to hear. I'm not impressed by seeing you hit with your younger sister, or in your other thread, seeing you just hit serves. It's not just about form/technique. It's about can you control the point against someone of equal or better strength. I don't see anything wrong, but I don't see anything either that says wow that kid has some talent. So what I want to see is how smart do you play and how hard do you work. How do you translate that into match play.
I understand what you're saying. I guess my point of posting this video was to just get some general feedback, nothing specific. Just to make sure there was nothing majorly wrong with certain strokes.
Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Forehand looks pretty solid but not amazing, to be completely honest. I think the backhand definitely needs some work, it's really flat and stiff.

Also, from that one volley you hit, it seems like you have some technical issues there.
Yeah my backhand has always been a struggle. I've just recently been able to start to feel it building in consistency. And volleys are usually much better I was just kinda fooling around when I hit that one.

Originally Posted by treblings View Post
question is, how much time do you have till college?
how much time and effort go into your training?
do you have a competent coach? possibly someone with a college tennis background? he/she could evaluate you much better than we based on a few minutes of video
Probably about a year to a year and a half? Only coach I've had is my high school coach who knows very little about tennis in general. I plan to play some tournaments during the summer.

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Do the basketball lines affect play? Often when I'm constructing points, the tennis court lines help (targeting, gauging depth). All them other lines would mess me up. Sensory overload.

And oh, focus more on your footwork. Even when rallying you shouldn't let balls bounce twice (bad habit).
At first it was a bit hard to keep track but I've learned to ignore them. And yeah I feel like I have better footspeed than actual footwork so something to work on.
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