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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
First, I would like for someone to at least try to answer my question above.

Second, since no one seemed to know about POG 3 or later grommet strips/bumper guard fitting the POG 1 or 2, I went out on a limb and tried it myself. I bought 3 grommet sets from a seller here on the board knowing they might not, if not probably wont, fit. I can now say they DO NOT fit for two reasons - the drill pattern does not line up with the grommets and the grommets themselves are too thick for the frame holes. I would have cut them up to replicate individual grommets, but they won't even go in.

So I just wanted to make the answer official known for anyone else that was wondering. I believe my plan now is to keep one or two sets (since I am looking for a POG 3 or 4) and sell the other, or keep just one and sell two. If anyone who checks this thread is interested, just send me a message or wait to see them in the "for sale" section. They are all brand new and I did not alter any of them to try to get them to fit
a couple of random things I can think of:
1. among all the POG OS 1-4, the best one is probably POG3, and it is the one Agassi used some time in his early days, I have seen picture of him holding that racket.
2. in my humble opinion, POG1 or 2 is just a pain to maintain, due to grommets etc. unless you have one in mint condition, and plays 1hbh (due to short handle), otherwise it just takes too much effort.
3. POG4 4stripe is a hit or miss, due to multiple versions/runs. I prefer ones made in Taiwan, and hate the ones made in thailand. and they weight almost 1oz different in stock form.
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