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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
find someone who plays d3 tennis and hit with them. or find someone who hits at that level and hit with them.

forehand looks pretty good but your sister isn't giving you the pace and especially spin that you will likely see. backhand looks awkward. both volleys i saw looked really awkward too and i think that's the big one. if you can't play dubs - it limits your opportunities.
Yeah my volleys are usually much better I think I'll upload a video soon considering I've never gotten critique on volleys before.

Originally Posted by max View Post
I played D3 tennis years ago. You'll do fine. It's a continuation of high school tennis, nothing too magnified beyond this (was my experience).

I originally wasn't going to play when I got on campus. But then, in talking to this intelligent senior girl, who was a runner, about it, she pointed out that for the past four years I'd been outside in the spring playing tennis. . . and would likely want to, once spring rolled around again.

This was true. So I played. Any "coaching" I can give you would be nonsense based on the jot of video you've left here. My guess is that you would find yourself much more dynamic on court, and feel more energy overall, if you could shake off about five pounds. I suppose that's a useful bit of advice I can share, along with the firm advice to pay attention to your grades when you're in college. They matter.
Appreciate the encouragement I've started dieting for about the past week and a half (yeah its still early) and plan to start hitting the gym for some strength and cardio workouts.

Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
since d3 tennis is all about the experience (there is no $$ right?).... so yeah, the grades are priority #1....

the tennis - yeah, the FH is good.

BH - the 2hbh drive, you spin like a top and fall backwards... there should be weight shift / stepping thru the ball, so you finish on the front foot (the right foot).

the slice - too vulnerable.. no bite, no pace... emulate Federer... really throw your racket edge at the ball as if you want to cut the ball in half, this will ensure you have absolute face control, and allows you to lean into the shot and push forward to get penetration.

Volley - needs rebuild.
Yeah grades are my def priority (Just miss tennis and club tennis isn't the same lol) the bh is def something I just spin in until I can get around to my forehand. I was just kinda messing around on the volley usually they're a lot better (at least in my mind lol) I'll probably upload a video sometime soon just to get some volley feedback though.
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