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Default "Aggregation of Marginal Gains"

The "aggregation of marginal gains" is a bit of a buzz-phrase in British sport at the moment due to the immense success of British Cycling and the approach of their PD Sir Dave Brailsford to maximise improvement by making as many improvements, no matter how minor, as possible.

We have adopted "aggregation of marginal gains within our programme as a kind of mantra (as have many performance sports in the UK), but it has got me thinking...

Aggregation of marginal gains is an excellent philosophy when you have already achieved your major gains - in other words, when you have world class basics you can look for the marginal gains on top.

So, what are the World Class Basics a tennis player should have before they seek marginal gains?!?!?

To keep it interesting (and manageable!) I will give you 5 slots for your World Class Basics! Please also indicate whether you are a tennis player, coach, educator, whatever as I will be interested to see if different sub groups have a different opinion!

Over to you...


Oops - forgot my five...

1) Effective first serve (high percentage 65+)
2) Ability to remain at least neutral off the second serve
3) 80% trading ball (rally ball) of both sides
4) Movement efficient enough to protect contact point
5) Ability to take time away from opponent (i.e hit early mid-court ball)

*I reserve the right to edit this list as I see fit and change my mind/have my mind changed
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