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Originally Posted by MichaelChang View Post
What is the main difference between the 200g and the 200g pros? I had the impression the pros were just re-runs and should have the same mold/material and plays the same? I am probably wrong? Thanks.
I didn't know the difference myself until I held a couple of each. The answer is that the Pro model is lighter and is more head light.

On my sample of three of each, the Pros were 2pt more HL (9 vs 7). The pros are 360,361, 364g. The non-pros are 365, 366, 371g. All are strung and have overgrips, except the two lighter non-pros which don't have overgrips. The caveat is that the strings are different on the rackets and that the non-pros all have different grip sizes (L2, L3, and L4).

2pt HL doesn't seem like much but because I started playing with the pros, I picked up the difference as soon as I laid my hand on the non-pro.
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