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Hi all
Just picked these up yesterday. Have not had a chance to hit with them, but the R-22 seems to sing a little easier and faster than the RX-32 in my hand.
Anyone have a chance to hit with both? If so, could you outline the experience you had with each, and their differences?
I owned two R-22s and still own two RX-32s. I found the RX-32s to be a bit heavier, and more head light. They are stiffer and noticeably more stable in play. The RX-32 is 27in while the R-22s are 26.5in length. All my rackets were SL (superlight) 4 1/2. There are versions of each that are heavier so when comparing weights you have to take that in account. Overall the RX-32 is a significantly better racket for me. However, my max 200g pro outshines it in all departments, so I relegated the Rx-32 to occasional practice. I sold the R-22s.
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