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Hi NY Stadium,

Short answer = No. There's been a shift happening in the tennis world at large as well as the pro tour towards smaller grips. The common view (already expressed here as well) is that this promotes wrist flexibility within the stroke which will enhance spin.

But Also to Consider :

1. If you are the tinkering type, if you are at all into customization, one might consider ordering your frames one size lower just to give yourself room for mods, or a thicker cushion grip like HEAD Hydrosorb. I ordered my Donnay frames as 4 1/4 rather than 4 3/8, because I played with HEAD frames for a very long time and got used to the rectangular shape. What I do build up the top three bevels, and the bottom three bevels using black book binders tape to give me the shape I prefer. It's kind of a personal thing, but with the square grips, I have more of a hard time sensing where I am, because each side feels so similar. It seems like there are also many who just hate the rectangular feel. If thats the case you could also do the opposite, build up the other 6 bevels, leaving the top two as is.

2. If you have TE, be careful about going either too small or too big. You will tend to squeeze a bit harder with a smaller grip, as there is a bit less leverage, and squeezing too hard can be one of the major causes of TE, as well as a factor in having it hang around once you have got it. Conversely, if the grip is so big it's just awkward in your hands, that might cause you to squeeze too hard and aggravate all those persnikity little forearm muscles near the elbo tie in as well.

Good Luck!

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