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A couple of the killers I've coached have successfully switched from PD's into BLX Blade 98's - not exactly the same as your situation, but I also think that the Blades are a possibility.

I string for a very strong player who uses those PD Roddicks and he came down with serious TE after switching into poly hybrids in his frames. After healing up, he kept the racquets and switched over to 16 ga. VS Touch (nat'l gut) tensioned at 61 or 62 lbs. and has been 100% healthy in the elbow ever since. Just a thought.

I've been supremely comfortable with my Volkl C10's, but they might not be what you're looking for in terms of heft and performance. Volkl does have a couple of newer "10 Series" options though, and one of the Organix 10's could be worth a look.
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