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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post

You should try to summarize those articles in a few simple English sentences.
But yeah, any competent researcher is going to reach similar conclusions.

1.One piece is that numerical data (presented in a graph) should NOT be trusted
in the interval starting four milliseconds before the contact and finishing four
milliseconds after the contact
One of your articles (or BG's) touches the issue as well in the case of SERVE.

I am referring to the graph of post #198
It as much simple English as I can handle.

2.The movement of the racket upwards starts 11 milliseconds before the contact.It is quite late
I am NOT sure the number of 11 milliseconds is correct
See the dotted curve crossing the horizontal line x=0 axis at time equal 11 milliseconds.
It is related to the issue how steep the upward TRAJECTORY IS

3.The corresponding case (see #2 above) can be analyzed for backhand

4.Just for the record the data of Fitzell are presented in post #182
Please see the BLUE DATA/BLUE CURVE.

4.If you have any feedback about #1,#2 and #3 please let me know,

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