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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
So we really can't count them as Majors.

Just four Pro Slam, all with depleted fields except US Pro 1932 (which was still not a Major in my opinion).

He was surely strong, no doubts about it.

Never said he was bad on indoor courts, I simply stated that he was one of the very best of the time on clay.

Can't understand why it was not amazing...
so, Nadal victories over Federer on clay are not amazing because he usually beat him there?

Little amateur tournaments with depleted fields, I can't count them in any manner. His only important victory has a Pro was the 1936 French tournament, which missed Nusslein, Tilden and Vines. In my opinion is clear that he was not so strong during his Pro years.
Roma locuta, causa finita. Or not?

Why only four majors for Kozeluh? He also was seven times world champion in the 1920s (Deauville and Beaulieu).

I agree that Cochet was weaker as a pro as an amateur till 1933. But he was still rather strong in the 1930s and even after the war (when he won tournaments against strong players).

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