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Ash what kind of stuff do you expect to put in the 5 slots?

e.g. analyzing ATP 2012 data, you get correlation of each stat to the top 100 ranking -

1st Srv 1st Srv w 2nd srv w srv gm w bp won bp sv pts rtn 1 pts rtn 2 rtn gm wn
0.06429448 0.522678196 0.614081536 0.650474016 0.248547356 0.536628334 0.349750106 0.288385001 0.38757496

some of these are game based stats, some are points based.... just on points based alone, the sequences are

2nd srv w
1st srv w
pts return 1st
pts return 2nd

so the marginal advantage should be gained in proportion to the correlation.

or are you looking for something else.

I am an rec trying to coaching own kids in tennis/golf.
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