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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post

i mean, i don't think you should be pegging it at her head or face (topaz, sorry about that one time in practice haha) -- but if you're dipping it at her feet -- or if both players are at net and you have the option...then yeah, it's totally fair game...if my mixed partner is getting hit at consistently, then i feel like i'm not doing my job to protect her (aka hitting deep / hitting good enough 2nd serves or just doing my job in general to make sure we are winning more points)
You actually got my shoulder...cause I'm good at dodging!

I will agree with this...basically the only time I get brassed off is when it is at my head, hard, and people cheer afterward.
Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Yes, facility is exactly 1 year old. Why do I say exactly? Because, as Topaz will verify, they were still building it last year as we played. Seriously, there were all sorts of power tools running during the matches, as well as construction workers walking in the area above the courts.

I felt bad for some of the women who were effectively 'on display' for all the construction workers to ogle. None of them actually whistled , but you could wipe the drool off the courts from them hanging over the railings above.
Haha...yes, I can verify this. Well, at least the first part.

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
We have 4 matches. I'm scheduled to play two on Friday & one Saturday. I may have to play the 4th depending on who shows/injury/hangover. We only have three 4.5s that qualified (long story).
There is always a long story!

I may miss you altogether since I'm not coming in until Saturday...or are you going to hang out for the last match anyway?
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