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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
Nadal has a dominant record on clay not only due to his high RPM forehand to Fed's backhand, it's his overall court coverage and court craft.
Nadal has a dominant record over far more 2hbh players than 1hbh players - simply because the vast majority of the pro tour is 2hbh. In order to win, he uses the same patterns of breaking down the 2hbh players' backhands, so arguably you could say that 2hbh's are weak to high bouncing heavy topspin balls.

In fact when he faces a player with a 1hbh (other than Federer and Haas), the player with the 1hbh usually loses for reasons other than his backhand. Wawrinka, Almagro, Gasquet, Gaudio, Kuerten...etc... are able to trade spinny groundies with Nadal's forehand all day - even on clay, but his athleticism wears them down in the end.

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