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I thought Alabama would win by 14...Should have doubled that.

Simply didn't expect ND to get owned so badly on Defense. I anticipated a tougher 1st half, ultimately leading to Bama wearing down the Irish and running away with it. I was wrong. Could have easily been 63-0 I think if Alabama had been so inclined.

Here's my issue with Notre Dame...Even when they don't pass the eye test, they get the benefit of the doubt. Their schedule this year wasn't the gauntlet people expected. Michigan and MSU were down. They struggled with Pitt, BYU and Purdue. Their best win was a controversial OT win against Stanford, before they switched QBs to Hogan (who went undefeated as a starter and beat 4 ranked teams).

I think it was clear to most people who watched the games that ND wasn't the best team in the country, or even #2, but they "beat the system" and so they got to go to Miami. They could easily go 11-1 next year and be right back in this same spot with some help from voters (who LOOOOVVVEEEEE the Irish), and in a four team playoff I could see them being a mainstay, simply based on their fan base and history.

ND's History in BCS Games:

2001 Fiesta Bowl: Oregon State 41, Notre Dame 9
2006 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State 34, Notre Dame 20
2007 Sugar Bowl: LSU 41, Notre Dame 14
2013 BCS Title Game: Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14

Their closest game was a 2TD loss to Ohio State. They just don't belong in these type of games.

One interesting note: For all the talk of "ND equals ratings", as if it's some justification of voting them into these games, the ratings from last nights game were a 15.7, which was up from 2012's title game, but down from Oregon-Auburn's 16.1 from 2011. Highest overall rating was USC/Texas in 2006 which got a 21.7 overnight.
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