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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Okay, so you don't mean big you mean high %?

Or is that points won % ? If so, why are the players with the highest points won % on their first serve relatively lowly ranked (with the exception of Rog and Berdych)???
points won... interestingly, 1st serve %, almost have zero correlation to ranking.

so the correlation values are -

2nd srv w

1st Srv w

pts rtn 1

pts rtn 2

the low ranked guys topping the 1st srv won board probably are people like Dr. Ivo who suffer in other departments.

I think the most surprising stat here is the severe asymmetry between 2nd srv and rtn 2..... you'd think that quite often the 2nd srv points start neutral (on average the server and the returner win 51% and 49% of them), so the 2 correlation values should be about the same.... but 0.614 vs. 0.288 is quite a big difference.

the other thought is - this should be do-able at the amateur levels, you run some app and let parents or the bench guys collect stats, you can come up with customized training plan for each player pretty fast.
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