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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
It sure is, and it's actually more sad than you think. It will even say in the fine print that it's a blend. Olive oil like Bariani or even Kirkland has a very unique taste and texture that is unlike any other oil. In fact, it's unmistakeable. There are different flavors that can exist i.e. Kirkland which is verified 100% is very neutral, but with a buttery flavor and aroma whreas Bariani is spicier and with a fruiter taste. However, much like coffee and wine, you can still tell that they're both olive oils (I'm using these two as examples as they're the two I use for dressing and cooking respectively). It's a shame that they put this bitter nonsense in bottles and call it olive oil because it happens to contain majority olive oil (and that's allowed).
Kirkland Organic Tuscan EVOO is on the "real" list. not sure about other Kirkland olive oils. here's another article u might find informative.
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