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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I dunno...
I've faced some pretty hard servers, guys under 30 and 6'6" tall former Div1 players. Also, two years ago, a Div1 singles player.
None come close to hitting a rising ball that lands IN and also is going upwards at the backboard.
Neither have any of mine.
It's going up for sure at the baseline, but the backboard is another 21' back.
Talking sub 60 degree weather and cement courts.
MOP's big serves, some noted as the biggest of TW posters, was going downwards at the backboard.
Now ATP pros can be another story.
Maybe not as its hard to tell if its still rising or falling. I know it looks like its still cooking and moving up if its hard and flat and it hits 2 feet up back fence. thats around knee high.

Most likely falling. Even if I think its still rising or not going down yet ehen it hits fence.

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