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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Federic, We are dancing on dangerous ice if we begin to divide majors in true majors and non-majors depending on how many top players participate.

Wimbledon 1972 yes (with only 3 or 4 top players participating) and W.1973 no (with two top players participating)? That's too accidental.
Only Nastase was in the top-10 at the time of W '73. Kodes was under the top-10 (#15 on the original tournament seeding).
On the contrary, at W '72 we had Smith and Nastase (two best players that season), Kodes (seeded #8 at the US Open, so he was a top-10 at Wimbledon also), and Orantes (#10 at the US Open, he may have not been at Wimbledon, but was surely near).

W' 72
Smith #1 at the time of the tournament
Nastase #4 at the time of the tournament, but #1 or 2 that season
Kodes around #8 at the time of the tournament
Orantes probably a top-10 at the time of the tournament (not sure, anyway)

W' 73
Nastase #1 at the time of the tournament
Kodes #15 at the time of the tournament (#9 in the year-end chart)

Moreover, W' 73 missed 80-85 of the top-100 players, while W '72 missed only WCT Players.
It is not the same thing in my opinion.
W 1972 was obviously depleted, but four top-10 and many top-100 is way better than just one top-10 and a few top-100.

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