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What does World Class mean? That it applies to word class tennis players only?

Because for something like effective first serve, I don't see what is achieved by listing it without mentioning a level. My effective first serve is not effective against Djokovic. So that means I should treat everything else as marginal till my serve is effective against Djokovic?

Or is it per level? That makes more sense. Solidify the 5 important skills for a particular level before taking on minor things. I can relate to that, having seen adult clinics where ladies want to be taught intricate doubles strategies but don't know that backhand grip is not the same as forehand.

Or is it a third thing altogether (namely BS)? Because I have seen numerous such BS lists and approaches and methodologies come and go in management style over the years I have been a manager. A lot of buzz, a lot of training, tons of consultants making a buck, and then it fizzles out under the pressure of reality.
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