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Default Poly causes PAIN...what's up with that??!!

After usingpoly on my racquets, I ahve started to have pain and numbness in my hands. I'm still wondering if it's just a result of picking up the game again after 20 years, or is it also a result of using Lex BBO full bed or Pro's Pro Vendetta, in combo with syngut on my racquets?
I know it's stiffness can cause problems, so I went with the hybrid after the racquet with the full bed BBO went bad.
I use vibration dampeners on all my racquets and I still feel a 'zing' with the hybrids.
While I like the extra pop of the poly, I HATE the way my hand feel!
What are other's thoughts and problems/solutions on their racquets?
I have just picked up a Fischer Magnetic Tour racquet that has Yonex TG125 tough brain plus on it and will leave the ones strung with poly alone for awhile to see what happens.
If it means 'no poly or no play!', I will do without it!
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