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I'm not so sure ND's arse-chewing last night won't hurt recruiting. They may have been better off with a close regular season loss and maybe play a tighter game against a lesser opponent in a lesser BCS bowl. Bama was a dog and ND was the rag doll in it's mouth. ND thought they had a plan but like Mike Tyson used to say, "Everyone has a plan against me until they get hit". The Irish were outclassed in every area of the game. I believe one of the announcers said the SEC's average margin of victory in BCS championship games was 34-17. But like Big just mentioned, I think Bama could have scored 1-2 more times if they wanted. It's funny, because Brian Kelly looked like he'd been hit during the halftime interview...he knew it was over and wanted to throw in the towel.

By the way, I think we all know Dedan's day job now...professional bookie.
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