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Originally Posted by vwfye View Post
Actually, that is not at all the question I wish answered, but thank you.
Okay I guess you mean who is the best which they are at their worst. Billie Jean King once said that she's seen Laver play just terribly and the next day play out of his mind. What that meant to me is that he won when playing badly. So I guess Laver is a possibility here.

I've seen Connors pull out matches on sheer determination like his famous match against Pernfors in 1987 at Wimbledon. Connors was being slaughtered 1-6 1-6 1-4 and won the match.

Agassi once said essentially (not the exact words) that Sampras can play badly for most of the set, stay even because of his serve and then play good tennis for a little while and win the set.

I'll go with Sampras.
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