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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Interesting topic. Borg could be a beast even on the practice court. Just ask Mats Wilander who famously declared that he "couldn't even get a set" off of Borg when they practiced before Wilander went on to win the 1982 French Open, while Borg was absent (he would have had to qualify for the FO that year!). But outside of practice, he really got serious. I'm counting 105 bagel sets for Borg in his official ATP matches here!

I wonder what the numbers are for others like Nadal, Djokovic, Sampras, Connors, McEnroe, etc?

Borg also holds the record in the open era for fewest number of games allowed at a major with 32 at the 1978 French Open. He is also the only player to have won Wimbledon without losing a set in the open era.
Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Gonzalito17, those matches you mentioned are all practice, which doesn't say much.

These are the REAL matches:
No no no. Don't you understand.?

Whatever record you can come up with Fed always, no matter what, has it beat.

And if Fed doesn't have it beat, then it's not a real record so it doesn't count anyway.
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