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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Agree. I also missed what people said was wrong. Looked like a talented girl to me. I also look for her focus and self control. Also her fundamentals.

Certainly not like some of the stuff I see in high level 12s-14s USTA.

By the way, this fist pump stuff is ridiculous. I see the OB 12s and the girl actually fist pumped every time her opponent hit the net totally without any good shot by her before hand. Thats terrible sportsmanship.
Sorry, I don't buy it from either one of you

You are complimentary because you know the result is that this little girl grew up to become the #1 WTA player.

If this was any body else's kid playing exactly like that in 2013, you'd both be super negative about her zero chances for even a modestly successful pro career.

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