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Default Just a low level collector, but an absolut addicted to graphite classics

1) When did you start collecting?

About 5 years ago, a got a tennis-elbow crisis, and bought back an old pro staff 6.0 95 i sold to a friend of mine. My tennis elbow healed, i started to look for a second one (the main reason why i sold my first one was that i couldn't get a second one here in Portugal), and ended up with two more then i tried to find a 6.0 85, and i did, in Holland (I have family there), and i got hooked to this, trying to find rackets i played with when a was a kid, and some other graphite classics - I'm not into wood (yet...)

2) Why did you choose to collect racquets?

It's funny, i never had this collecting thing when i was a kid. I like graphite classics, i like to hold them, look at them and specially hit with them, even for 10 minutes. I like all the graphite classics i saw on TV in the hands of those 80's and 90's ATP champions (I'm 40, start playing in 1983), probably it has something to do with this: have a little taste of their racket's feeling (even in retail condition)

3) How many racquets do you have and/or how much is your collection worth?

I still play with PS 6.0, have 5 of them now, cracked 2 others in the proper way, playing, and offered both: one to my coach, the other to my opponent in that infamous match - he collects to, and was looking for one PS 6.0, seamed fair to me.

I own about 10 more rackets besides my playing ones, some of them real beauty gems

4) What is your favorite or most valuable racquet and why?

I don't have a favorite racket, i like all of them the same, but in different ways - for playing, i always like to flirt a bit with the PS 6.0 85 (i warm up lots of times with this one, it's always in my bag)

In terms of value, i don't really know prices, but i would say this 3 ones: POG Series 90, in 93 sq.i. head size; Adidas GTX Pro (both 9/10 condition), and a pristine Head Prestige 600 - not very impressive, but i love them all...

5) Is there any racquet that you wish to add to your collection and why?

As a PS 6.0 absolute fan, definitely a St. Vincents 6.0 in good playable condition (no way this one would stand on a wall or a closet)

Besides this one, i like all graphite classic frames from all brands, and would like to add them all, but right know i can recall this ones: Stich's Fischer Vacuum Pro 90; Puma Vilas and Becker's models; all 80's Kneissel's (I played with the Super Pro Vario, but any white star would do); Yonex R-22 and so many more

6) Who are favorite tennis players and why?

I'm a S/V fan, so Johnny Mac from 80's, and all S/V from 90's.

From the 00's, I would say Safin - not a S/V'er of course, but still a lot of of fun to watch.

I also like baseline heavy-flat hitters, so nowadays i would go with DelPotro - but just a little over the other guys, i tend to get bored with baseline wars.

From the "big 4", Murray - great hands, best volleyer, and always the underdog

And no, i don't like Federer's game.
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