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PC1, it's all in good humor. That's excellent info on the Davis Cup bagels and the fact that all those matches may not be posted on the ATP site under his official matches (by the way, those are some healthy match totals by Borg even with official matches only..). I understand that TMF has a deep admiration for Federer's accomplishments/records. As I've discussed, we all have biases to take into account (even if it's just a general bias due to what we have seen/experienced). I tend to think it's a general bias that's prevalent out there. The very latest players, stats/records. That's the myopic focus. This would be an example. Federer does bagel opponents a lot and he wins a lot of lopsided sets, but that's in relation to his peers and among players during the last 10 years primarily. (I wonder about Sampras in many?). Yet, it's not so easy to comprehend how dominant some past greats could be if you haven't lived it and felt it first hand. Tennis from past greats such as Rosewall, Laver, Borg, and even Sampras for many now is just not something many people have experienced directly or at least studied and read up on a lot (at least watch lots of video). For me, I started watching tennis seriously when Connors was at the top along with Borg and have never stopped and never will. Yet, I am still trying to learn about Laver, Rosewall and those before them even to this day. So it's more difficult to comprehend past domination by greats among most modern tennis watchers. It's the natural bias towards the modern, latest and greatest. Just look on the grocery shelves and how everything is constantly marketed as "new and improved". Is it all really "new and improved"?
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