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I approach the instruction in a similar way and will try to make it fit in your basic
5 format.

1. Baseline rally shots, Second serve, and basic serve rtn, -basic skills to play
and enjoy this game with most anyone even close to your level. core fundamentals of
the game imo.

2. Mid Court Attack shots- add this level to your game and you can not only play
and mix it up with those near your level, but you can force the issue to some
extent based on how well you do it. Includes slice along with drives.

3. Finishing shots- 1st serves, close in Overheads & Volleys- with some of these
skills, you can capitalize on your opportunities, earned and found.

4. Agility/Fitness level to employ your game

5. Mindset and context for how the game is played.

4 & 5 are developed as I bring them thru 1, 2 & 3 in order related to proficiency,
but all 5 are intro'd with some practice along the way.
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