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Hi Bruce,

Arm pain, numbness in hands. Been there, done that. I feel for you my brother. Tingling is clear evidence you have what ia called a "double crush" somewhere. Nerves run through muscle, and muscle contracts, expands, changes volume and length. Nerves are stretchy. They move right along nicely in the sheath. If you get one point of entrapment somewhere the nerve still does a pretty good job of stretching even being pinned down at that one spot. But tingling occurs when you have two locations of entrapement. For tingling in the hands there are a few likely locations. Areas surrounding neck, shoulder and forearm are likely candidates for tennis players. Theres a whole laundry list of advice running through my head right now, but consider yourself in phase 1 of the 4 phases of recovery. Phase 1 is about getting inflammation under control. Follow the RICE method ( rest, ice, compression elevation) until you get the numbness under control. Consider accupuncture and trigger point release. Worry about Equipment changes later. Achhh... I hate doing this from i phone. I will def check back in on you. Hang in there. Its totally fixable.

- Jack
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