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Originally Posted by julian View Post
couple of simple questions
How do you know that torsional stability got IMPROVED?
Do you know numbers for TWISTWEIGHT
Did you practice returns of serve?
What is "graphene speed"?
I don't know the number for the twistweight. I played several sets and had a couple lessons using the new version of the speed and based on those 3-4 sets there was more torsional stability subjectively. I have been playing with the IG speed 18x20 and one of the things that bothers me about it is the feeling of more shock to my arm on off center hits and a sensation that the racquet is twisting in my hand. This is what I have termed torsional instability. I did not experience that with the new version of the speed.

Return of serve was great -- very maneuverable and solid. Again an improvement over the ig speed in my hands.

graphene speed -- may not be the official term, but what I was using to differentiate the new version with graphene from the older ig containing version
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