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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Thats not fair. If the parent came on and said "this is my daughter, she wants to be # 1 in the world, any advice what she could work on?".....we would both give our opinions on what she needed to work on. Of course at age 13 she had things she had to work on. But she certainly looked like a solid 13 year old in that video. Would either of us predict great things for her? No, because no one can predict that. But we certainly would not rip her just to rip her.

BUT......If her parents had come on here and said, "this girl is the guaranteed #1, next big thing, better than Capriati and Seles, is trained by a coach who knows how to make a champion and you don't, because she is winning now she will be a top pro, and on and on". Yes, then we would look for more negatives.....more to give back some stuff to the parents than make accurate predictions about the player.

You are talking about things in a vacuum with no context. Ever notice we have only gone after 2 players in a negative way in all the time on the board....both because the parents got in our face and were over the top with prediction?

The fact no one would have predicted a #1 ranking for her at age 13 reinforces what we have one can make predictions. So when someone comes on here and tell us an 11 year is a "guaranteed top player" and when we say, wait and see, they respond with "you guys are clueless, I know a champion".....expect a little ribbing coming back the other way!
I don't remember DB's dad ever saying he was going to be the #1 player in the world or the greatest ever. Maybe I have not been here long enough.
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