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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
... Irvin, I'm not sure what you mean by short side ATW.
I've recently been using a variation suggested by Greg Raven which involves leaving out the last ss main,tying the ss at the head, then stringing the bottom cross and last ss main with the long side.
Of course this means counting crosses to avoid a mis weave.
Simple when the mains are going to end at the throat I leave out the outside main on both sides. In lieu of holding the last main on the SS with a fixed clamp I use a starting clamp. Let's assume I am stringing a 16 main racket that skips 7&9 at top. Use the long side Tao string the 4th cross, then the 3rd, and finish all crosses except for the bottom cross and tie off. Ten use the SS to run the outside mains bottom cross top cross and second cross. If you pre run the SS it makes it easier and no blocked holes. Also there is never that sharp turn you spoke of. The shap turn produces a short section of frame supporting the string.
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