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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
I never understood people who say this. Do you guys really cut out your strings after playing a few times? I can definitely notice the difference going from a used racket to a freshly strung one, but the change is gradual and doesn't hugely effect my play. I can't see how people can justify cutting out strings every week, seems pretty expensive.
I dunno, Poly just doesn't last that long for me. It usually breaks or dies right around the 8 hour mark for me. During on season that's usually about 2 days of hitting. The way around it is to have a few sticks strung up the same. If I'm using my 5 PSL's for example, that's almost 2 weeks of hitting I can do before I have to restring, which isn't that bad in my books!

Also, once you suffer a pretty gnarly arm injury, if poly is still on the laundry list of strings you want to use, restringing frequently is the only way to help circumvent future injury!

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