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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
Well it is ok to disagree with me, I dont mind ... As far as my strokes are concerned, I have posted many of them here ... take a look for yourself. What I never do is offer technical advice on how to improve because i would not want to lead anyone down my "hitch-riddled" path.

What I do know well is USTA league play, which is why I offered him an answer to his question.

He has a nice foundation to build on. But what I did not see was an ability to volley which I think we will agree sometimes happens in doubles.

While I think your statement applies for older players that have stopped playing singles years ago I believe the opposite is true for young players.

On our last three state championship teams we have had young guys that were bumped because of their singles play but each of them were not nearly as good a player on the doubles court. Quite frankly they could compensate in singles for their lack of net playing ability with their young athletic legs. I do not believe one of those players would have been bumped had they played exclussively doubles.

Now others may disagree with me but I think veteran experienced players are usually better at dubs than singles. Young players tend to be better at singles. Our young man is fifteen ... I dont think he can volley so I made a case for what I think is the normal pattern in his specific case.

I don't know which player you are in the clip, but that does not really matter because like most doubles play there is only a average of 3 shots per point so it is hard to judge. Plus putting away floaters and sitters 5 feet away from the net is not impressive and means little if anything when it comes to singles.

I have seen many older singles guys that beat the younger fast guys in singles, because of their experience and smart play. On average I have more trouble with the older singles guys than I do the younger ones.

I did not see enough of his volleys to judge his ability. I do agree that veteran experienced players are better at doubles. I never said that the younger in shape single players would be better than the veteran doubles players at doubles.

I said that on every team I have been on the singles players could easily make the line up in doubles and be a solid doubles player, not the best doubles players on the team but plenty good enough. But when you turn it around the amount of doubles players that could play the singles slot it goes way down to a very small minority if any.

Most would be lucky to win a couple of matches all year if they stayed at singles. I know guys that have played on 4.5 doubles teams and were pretty solid players, but in 4.0 singles got their butts beat easily. The same with 4.0 double players that would play in 3.5 singles and lose most of the time.

Most leagues were I live are club leagues and there are 2 different leagues, and in one you could be a 4.0 but still play 3.5 in the other one. So I have seen the examples I stated happen many times.

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